Gun Stocks

Finished gunstocks

Gun Stocks
Gun Stocks
Gun Stocks

Full Sized $300 - $500
* Depending on size and complexity - Smaller patterns such as deer, bear, dog heads etc. are available.

Oakleaf/scroll enhancement of existing checkering $25 - $50 per side
Replacement of original checkering/or creating entire grip pattern with fish scale or basket weave enhanced with oak leaves or scroll pattern $75 - $100

Enhancement (Same as above grips) Replacement with fish scales or basket weave $100 - $150
Wrap Around Designs $150 - $250

Award Winning

Ballpark quotes may be obtained on large or unconventional items not described above.All patterns can be enlarged or enhanced to suit your needs. Remember, I can also do Glass etching and Metal engraving.

Thank You, Glenda