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Carving & Engraving

Wood - Glass - Metal - Composite Ivory Inlay
Plaques - Knives - Mantels - & more...
The majority of my work is completed
on materials customers bring to me,
such as gunstocks. 

The material used to create your project is never an issue.  When we discuss your task we can determine what is best.  It's all up to imagination.

Each project is managed with:

Inspiration, Dedication and Creativity

Clock Engraving

  • Memorable Occasions & Unique Gifts
    Wedding Announcements - Engraved Glass (Etched or Inlayed) Wine Glasses - Cake Knives - reminder of that special occasion. Birth Announcements - Anniversaries - Retirements (Watches, Plaques, Etc.).  Egg Shells - Murals (Business & Personal) I can even do Automotive Glass TOO!
  • Gunstocks
    Gunstock Cravings: Line Art - Semi relief - Full Relief - Many designs to choose from or Customize your gunstock to your own specifications.
  • What do you want done?
    Lets talk...

I would guess, by now, you should have a pretty good idea of my capabilities.
Now let's get down to work...

Your Service Request, tell me what you want done.

Here's were you get involved in your project.
I can tell you before we go any further, if it is doable, I will give you a estimate. 

So start by emailing me carvingfool@aol.com
or calling 724-368-3418,and
let's get it done

The following is a list of some questions about projects / services;

  •  I need this yesterday!
    Each project is unique.  Some are more involved than others. I will do the best to complete your project as soon as possible.
  •  Can I give you a sample drawing, of what I want done?
    "Yes of course, let's work together".   
  •  Will your services cost me a lot of money?
    I will promise you that you will get more than what you pay for!