Live Bait

We have a complete supply of live baits to select from.

Regardless of your targeted species, pan fish, bass, walleye, trout, stripers or cats... We maintain fresh live bait for you to catch numbers and that trophy to remember on your fish in' adventure!

Available Live Baits

Conditioned Crawlers
Dug Worms
Wax Worms


Fathead Minnows
Small - Medium - Large
Medium - Large

Rigging Baitfish

Fishing with Live Bait There are three basic options to bait a minnow on a hook. The first is in the mouth insert the point of the hook under the lower lip and push the hook through the top lip, the hook shank will be facing forward with the tip of the hook facing up. This allows the baitfish to look natural as it swims forward. Lip hooked baitfish are used tipped on a jig or live bait rigs; sliding weight bottom rig, bottom bouncers, drop shot rig or on a float/bobber set-up. By hooking the baitfish through the lips will keep the water from circulating into the gills and it will eventually die. Check your bait often. Lip hooked baitfish also work well on preserved baits.

The second option is hooking the baitfish through it’s back in front of the dorsal fin, be careful to pierce only the skin and not through the spine. Using this method the baitfish will keep it alive for a longer time. This hooking technique is used when stationary fishing, a floating/bobber set-up or for ice fishing hooking a baitfish on a tip-up.

The final option is hooking through the tail for free-line fishing. Insert the hook tip at the fleshy base of the tail and run it through, ending with the hook tip and shaft facing rearward. Use a simple split shot and hook rig cast the minnow gently and let it sink and drift while it swims freely.

bait BucketIf you need or forgot a bait container we have them in stock, add in a dip net and yer ready to get em'.